There are many factions that exist within the world, each of which ran in a completely different way, and with different perks depending on which you wish to follow. One might offer better trade routes while another may offer superior weaponry – Read about them below and  make the decision yourself!

Aequorpontis (Ingame: AQPontis)

The economical giant of the world, Aequorpontis, who’s name translates roughly to The Sea Bridge, situated itself at the nexus of the AFDF’s central mining hub. After a massive forest fire uncovered the mineral rich lands it now resides on, many wealthy investors pooled together enough money to build Aequorpontis’s booming financial district and inticed many merchants to fill it’s many buildings. While they are largely non-hostile and will deal with anyone who they can turn a profit from, they employ the guard of the Haven shock troopers to ward off any invaders trying to ransack the city.

Allied Frontier Defense Federation (Ingame: AFDF)

With their humble beginnings in the town of Verdin, the Allied Frontier Defense Force maintained an emergency shelter for many years in the area before uniting all of the scattered villages in the world to form the leading world authority in trade and territory regulations in an effort to guard villages from invaders and unfair trading routes, and sanctioning the more well-developed nations to maintain the peace within the world.

Haven (Ingame: Haven)

What began as a group of unknown nomads living opportunistically exploded into the force simply known as Haven when the fabled Battleshrine was uncovered. Existing at first as only a rumor amongst outlying villages, Evidence of Haven shown itself during the building of Aequorpontis  in the form of an unknown symbol in the shape of a fire found in the middle of the forest, simply engraved with the word “Haven” – almost as if warning the fledgling nation. Over the course of many years, explorers uncovered other hidden sites bearing similar artifacts. Until recently, there was no contact from anyone knowing anything about the hidden nation, until a change in leadership decided to reach out into the world, seeking to expand influence with the fast-developing nations of the world.

At first employing proxies to relay information to the trade cities, true ambassadors to the newly formed nation were met for the first time at a summit between Aequorpontis and the AFDF within the main city, informing both governments of their intentions and displaying their advanced technology. Since then, these plans were stolen and released into the world through a vast underground network, straining Haven’s relationship with merchant traders within Aequorpontis, instead choosing to only deal with leaders housed within the RBD Banking towers. Still highly xenophobic, Haven avoids all contact with The Legionary Empire, favoring Aequorpontis’s privatized marketplace over what they consider to be an easily corrupted open trade. With such an agreement for exclusive trade deals involving the deep mines underneath Aequorpontis, Haven assists them with a regiment of highly trained Shock Troopers to guard their interests.

They deny that the MCP exists, and will fire on Orks without hesitation.

Mortuus Caelum Panthera (Ingame: MCP)

Nothing is known about the MCP except for the following snippets found torn from a book within the home of a researcher in Aequorpontis:

…maintained active security outpost…

…Experimental weaponry….

…Project: “Dead Sky”…

…Climate shift around Aequorpontis west…

…Subject escaped, serial MC-P#742-R-18 Code: “Tiger”…

…South outpost dangerous to enter…

…animals reported irradiated….

…failed experiment on personnel…

The Northern Ork Warband (Ingame: OrkWarband)


The Legionary Empire (Ingame: TheLegion)