We’re still building the world as the server is still in infancy, but we would like help! If you’re a good builder and are interested, please contact me:

AIM – CynicalCynictis

MSN – noxthox@hotmail.com


Would love to have more people on-board!

FearTheMongoose hosts a customized server for the popular online adventure/sandbox game, Minecraft, with added features for an immersive, plot-driven experience. We’ve formed the world around an action oriented experience. Join a faction and choose to acquire land through diplomacy, or battle for¬†supremacy¬†against your enemies with whatever means necessary, including firearms, grenades, and even airstrikes to gain more land for your nation! Secure precious mineral supplies to keep your country running smoothly, and establish trade routes for merchant NPCs to follow and ferry goods between friendly nations.

Our main goal is to bring our players the best civilization / Action-RPG experience possible – We would love to accept new players! Please note that while not required, SpoutCraft is recommended for proper play on our server. It has more features than vanilla Minecraft, Has built in Optifog/Optimine support, and HD Texture support right out of the box – Why wouldn’t you use it? Alternate direct-download link Here

Browse the following links below to learn more about the world we have going!

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