Why passion for your product is good for customer satisfaction

As you can tell, I have many hobbies, one being RC planes and helicopters. I recently picked up a Blade 180QX Quadcopter to play with and learn how to do stunts with.

After a nasty crash that destroyed one of the motors, I took it as an opportunity to upgrade, and opted for the Black edition motors from micro-motor-warehouse.com. They arrived rather quickly, but I noticed that they required some work to adapt, since the connectors were for a LaTrax Alias, not a Blade 180QX- but they were the same size and gearing, so they could be made to work.

I spent some time soldering everything together and adapting them to fit with my setup. Initial tests were promising- they spun quite well and seemed to perform much better than my stock motors.

I assembled everything and went for a test flight. Sadly, an oversight was that the polarity was reversed, which caused the quad to crash violently and destroy itself. Something happened, and the mainboard fried. 3 of the support beams were cracked, and I had to resolder a few wires. I had an old broken mainboard, which I salvaged some parts from to get it running again. After a few hours, I had it running again… sort of.

After 5 minutes of stable flight, the motors stopped responding properly, and down it went again. One motor stopped completely, and the other ones cut out erratically. I saw red and immediately fired off an angry email to MicroMotorWarehouse to vent.

Benedikt Haak, the chief scientist at MicroMotorWarehouse, responded 19 minutes later. I was offered a full refund, which made up for the day. Sure, I cracked a few beams and wasted my day repairing it, but I was happy about this, since I hate wasting money. Since the motors were the extent of the damage, recovering on those was my main priority.

I responded, and Benedikt offered to send me more motors once I get the quad back together. I was floored by this; you don’t get this level of customer service much nowadays. This was the response I got:

I fully understand your frustration.

We should have known about this issue, but didnt pay attention.
There is now an additional section on the relevant motors pages to warn other Blade pilots.

I have just issued you a full refund on you purchase.
However, I think there are good chances that your board is still OK. Stuffed motors will make it act erratic.

Our goal is not to make money from selling motors.
We make money so we can keep selling motors. Because we want to spread the worry-free fun of flying micro quads.

If you discover your board is still working, and you want to get your 180 back into the air,
Im happy to send you another set of motors on top of the refund.
Just let me know 😉



Their mission isn’t to get your money, but to truly provide their audience with a quality product. I was impressed with how quickly I was being taken care of, and the level of commitment Benedikt was showing. As a customer, I went in steaming and wanting to spit venom, but came out an advocate. I’ll have to buy parts today to repair it, and am definitely going to tell everyone about what Micro-Motor-Warehouse.com did for me. Thanks again, Benedikt!




Thursday, September 4th, 2014 Hobbies