This page is dedicated to all of those small but useful shelved products i’ve started but never seemed to care enough about to finish. If it’s here, it’s most likely rotten and long forgotten. Now bow your head for the following post-mortems:

Project PNP

This is just a project that i’ve been playing around with, call it Darkness Rev 3 or whatever you’d like, But it’s more of an extension of Paranox / Safron. One of these days, i’m going to get around to making something of it. Don’t ask….

Mongoose Bot

Ah yes, the infamous Mongoose bot, the multi-threaded, multi-purpose kill machine that i use to wreak havoc all over the interwebs. It’s a pretty mean thing on the surface, but under the hood, it’s simple. It:

  • Is ran almost purely on LUA 5.1 with its guts fully hooked, so it’s extendable, scriptable, and just plain fun. Bring the family!
  • Uses cURL, So the web is not safe from it’s doombringing ways
  • Spawns multiple threads to shit, shower, and shave all at the same time.
  • Can exchange information with other instances of the program, for coordinated attacks, Err I mean, Teamwork!
  • Takes no prisoners, and cannot be reasoned with. See: Relentless, Unless the power gets knocked out or i lose internet…
  • Would be nuclear powered, but i couldn’t afford plutonium.

I made it to automate web form automation, but with the right mind, you can actually make it do something useful – Although i’ll leave moral ambiguity up to you.


Those who have heard the nanosampler have recoiled in terror at it’s sheer simplicity, but brute effectiveness. Take a Korg NanoKontrol, read it’s midi inputs, and tie it to a simple implementation of BASS_LIB, and what pops out is a handy dandy lulz machine for those late night pranks. Each button on the NanoKontrol is able to the bound to a .wav or .mp3, and the sliders change the pitch for the extra ‘What the fuck was that?’ effect from the victim. Future implementations will support realtime sampling and better slicing support. Funny how such a device could be used for music, but ultimatly is used to annoy. I love myself.